Specifications: ø 16 – ø 160

Rolling Mills: Automatic, Semi-Automatic

Service Area: All of Europe

ISO Certified: ISO 9001-2015, ISO 1090, ISO 3834

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BG Technology specializes in professional tube and profile rolling. We continuously upgrade our machine park with cutting-edge rolling mills, enhancing the efficiency and precision of our services. As experts in tube bending and rolling, we have a team of dedicated professionals skilled in this craft.

Serving Customers Across Europe

We cater to clients not only across Poland but also extend our services to recipients throughout Europe. Our customers can rely on technical consultations when choosing the optimal solution. Additionally, we boast an in-house design team ready to execute necessary projects upon request.

Our offerings cover rolling from ø 16 to ø 160:

  1. Tube Rolling
  2. Rolled Profiles
  3. Bar Rolling
  4. Section Rolling
  5. Angle Bar Rolling

Tube rolling is a highly effective method of metal processing, involving material deformation under the pressure of rolls. Thanks to the cold rolling process, achieving precision in terms of shape and size is attainable. The resultant product boasts a smooth surface and remarkable strength. Achieving the perfect form of the worked detail relies on the deployment of professional rolling mills from reputable brands. At BG Technology, we exclusively invest in proven solutions when it comes to rolling machines.

Our clients not only benefit from technical advice and design support but also experience an individualized approach. We embrace challenges and readily take on orders that exceed standard requirements.

Below, you’ll find the technological capabilities of our rolling mills. Even if your specific scope isn’t listed, feel free to inquire – we’re continuously equipping our production hall with new machinery. Moreover, our partnerships with complementary production capabilities have flourished over the years. Don’t hesitate to explore the endless possibilities with BG Technology. Contact us today to transform your projects into reality.