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We manufacture metal bike racks that are ideally designed for urban environments. Bike racks have become an essential component of parking lots, and in today’s world, it’s rare to find a developer who neglects cyclists’ needs when designing parking areas.

As manufacturers of bike racks, we present a range of models crafted by our specialists and rigorously tested by our engineering team. Furthermore, our designers can craft custom models to suit your specific requirements. Rest assured, the bike racks we provide are primarily engineered with functionality in mind.

As a manufacturer of bike racks, we assure high quality backed by years of experience, proven through numerous successful installations. Our main audience comprises companies in the cycling sector that furnish urban areas with metal bike racks.

Furnished with CNC bending machines, lasers, rolling mills, lathes, and an advanced welding facility, our production facility empowers us to efficiently manufacture substantial quantities while ensuring production consistency.

We’ve produced bike hangers and racks for some of the nation’s prominent construction firms, fulfilling their demands for dependable solutions in parking lots and bicycle storage zones. While 90% of our projects revolve around crafting bike racks, our team has also executed numerous installations of bike racks and stands.

Bike racks can be finished with paint alone, paint combined with galvanization, or hot-dip galvanization, contingent upon the eventual installation site.