On-time deliveries

Our customers can rely on safety in the area of warehouse and logistics processes.

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Why are deliveries on time?

Examine how our delivery process looks and how we ensure that your company receives the ordered data at a pre-agreed time.

Step 1: Securing Raw Materials

This is the first stage, which is often crucial for meeting the agreed delivery deadline. In today’s uncertain times, raw material supplies and good relationships with steel wholesalers are important. We ensure that every project has secured material for production.

Step 2: Securing Processing Capacity

Every second of the production process is carefully planned with us. So, when we take on an order for execution, we know how much time and staff will be working on your project.

Step 3: Packaging and Labeling Procedures

The procedures are agreed upon with the customer each time to meet the quality requirements for packaging a specific component. Thanks to this, your company receives a component that is packaged and labeled exactly as desired.

Step 4: Loading and Transport

On the day of shipment, we secure the vehicles and assign a team for loading. We take photos of the loading process each time to document the proper securing of the goods during transportation.