CNC turning

Maximum Length: 500 mm

Tolerance: 0.02 mm

Service Area: All of Europe

ISO Certified: ISO 9001-2015, ISO 1090, ISO 3834

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Experience Precision with Our CNC Turning Services

Explore our professional CNC turning services empowered by cutting-edge technologies. Our toolset includes tools with a maximum driven diameter of 200 mm. The maximum length reaches 500 mm, with a tolerance of 0.02 mm.

At BG Technology, we perform CNC turning using state-of-the-art numeric control lathes. Their versatility allows us to offer products in diverse shapes and sizes. The machine precisely displays all necessary operational parameters, from tools to machining specifics.

Whether it’s small intricate details or larger, weightier components, our investments in CNC machinery ensure elevated precision and remarkable repeatability, drastically reducing order processing time. Our CNC turning operations take place in our production facility in Bydgoszcz, serving clients throughout Europe.

Materials for Turning:

  1. Stainless Steel
  2. Brass
  3. Bronze

Turned Products:

  1. Screws
  2. Pins
  3. Metric, Inch, Trapezoidal, UNC, UNF Threads
  4. Pulleys
  5. Gears
  6. Customized Connectors and Components

BG Technology’s Turning Service Offers:

  1. Superior Quality Details
  2. Swift Turnaround Time
  3. Customization for Non-Standard Parts
  4. Transparent Customer Interaction

Our team comprises specialists with extensive machining experience, proficient in efficient programming systems for machining and ensuring high-detail quality. We pride ourselves on our dependable client approach and a strong commitment to order timeliness.

We cater to diverse industries with our CNC turning expertise. What sets us apart is our tailored approach for every customer. We strive to recommend the best solution based on our experience. We handle both individual and bulk orders.

To ensure the utmost detail quality, we’ve instituted a meticulous quality control process at every production phase. As we value our customer relationships, we allow them to inspect the turning quality firsthand.

Elevate your precision machining needs with BG Technology’s CNC turning services. Contact us today for unparalleled expertise and quality assurance.